Welcome! We would be so excited to have you join our testing team! Being a tester is a volunteer position. If you’re interested:
  • You sign up via the 3-step form below (sign an NDA, create an account, and join our Discord.)
  • You get to play unreleased games that are in development. 🎆
  • You provide feedback and bug reports for the games you play.
    • There are no required hours and no required quantity of feedback for you to submit. 🙂 🕑❌
    • Testing is done from your own device (computer, phone, console, etc. depending on the game) using a development copy of each game.
  • Feedback is given through our dedicated Discord server for testers. This is a place where you can chat with fellow testers and with Soma staff about each game.
You will be required to install a piece of software to test each game if you do not already have the software installed. For PC games, this software is  Steam, for iOS games this software is  TestFlight. Android games do not require the installation of any additional software, as versions of the games will be sent directly to your email via  TestFairy.

Step 1

Fill out the fields below, and complete the NDA.

New Tester Register

Step 2

Now that you have submitted your NDA, you can sign up for an account to earn points that you can spend on awesome rewards through our Rewards Shop! Simply fill out the fields below:

  • This will be the screen name that is visible to all other testers. In order to receive points from feedback, please make sure it is the same as your Discord nickname in the Soma Games Testing server.
  • First and last names are not publicly visible to other users.
  • Minimum length of 8 characters.

Step 3

Now that you have submitted Step 2, simply click the button below to join our Discord server.